iPhone development


Since I have an iPhone, my wish was to create my own iPhone application. But not so easy as I immediately saw.

First, you have to have a MAC where you can install the iPhone development studio. This was the biggest problem. I buyed an old MAC on ebay but found out, that the MAC I had bought was to old. And after three months it died.

Months later I had the opportunity to buy a Netbook from a friend. And the guy had installed MAC OS on this Netbook. So the biggest hurdle was taken.

The rest was quite simple. For an experienced developer it is not so hard, to learn a new development language within a few days. And after two week or so, I were able to publish my first application.

The application is similar to something I already did years ago for PCs. It is a software which draws a triangle. You can move the corners of the triangle and the most important special points, lines and circles of a triangle are drawn.

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