Amazon DynamoDB


DynamoDBNoSQL-Database is something quite new. I heard the first time about it a couple months ago and even read an interesting article about the topic which was in truth too complicated for me.

But recently I run into the question who a web shop like Amazon is storing its data. Surprisingly this is no secret and Amazon has published a description about their technology and you can even download an API to connect to the database and you can create your own DynamoDB on the Amazon cloud.

Here is a short summary about the concept in German. I had no time to translate it into English so far. Hope it is correct from a technical point of view!

Lake Zürich


Starting from Einsiedeln there are a lot of mountain bike tours. You can go into all directions. But one of the most beautiful ones is if you go to the hill which is between Einsiedeln and lake Zürich.

From there you have a extraordinary view over the whole lake, back to Einsiedeln and the mountains and you can even see Zürich itself which is about 30 kilometres away.

Once a year there is a big mountain bike race called „Iron bike“ which starts and ends in Einsiedeln. The tour goes up and down over several mountains in total more than 2300 meters of altitude. The first up is this hill with the lake Zürich on your left.

But while participating at the race you barely have the time to enjoy the view, so better to make the tour on a sunny sunday morning.

Winter in Einsiedeln


This year winter started perfectly. There was already enough snow beginning of December so that it was possible to do cross country skating in Einsiedeln.

But after Christmas the weather suddenly became so warm that most of the snow was gone within a couple of days: no skiing anymore.

I took the opportunity and used my snow shoes I had bought a couple of years ago and rarely used to walk onto this hill called Spital in the back of Einsiedeln.

The hill or mountain is not hight, barely above timberline and you can start walking in the village. I took a photo from top of the hill. In the background there is lake Sihlsee.

The name of the hill is funny because Spital means in German hospital and you can see the hospital of Einsiedeln from over there.



We made our yearly winter holidays  again in Mauterndorf, Austria. Luckily in this area of the Alpes there was a lot of snow this year.

Though this winter was much too warm, a couple of weeks ago it was snowing very very heavily in the southern region of Austria. I was surprised because I have never seen so much snow in this skiing area. Especially in the skiing region Katschberg / Aineck there was extremely much snow.

On the picture you can see me in the middle of a famous slope in Katschberg. It is famous for its steepness, and because there were not too many people skiing, it was possible to carve down the hill using the full range of the slope, left to right.

Katchberg is the best skiing area in the region where I grew up. But one day we made a trip to one of the bigger areas reachable within an hour with the car. This time we choose Schladming where the last winter world championship was held. Schladming is great, one of the best skiing areas I ever saw.

Jony Ive

JonyIveThe newest book about Apple is great. I ordered the book in advance due to an offer from Amazon.

This book really gave me some new ideas about the person and the company. I was already very impressed by the famous book about Steve Jobs. And this book is also very interesting.

First to the person of Jony Ive. He is another example for successful people who got their talent kind of inherited from their parents. In this case it was his father who was already a famous designer responsible for education in UK. Its like Picasso who’s father was arts teacher on a university in Spain.

Second to Apple. Obviously the company has a very detailed process description for all processes, from design to development, production and marketing. I never thought about something like this. Remarkable! Another good reason for defining and describing the processes in the company.

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing
Cross country skiing

This year, on 1st of December there was already enough snow in Einsiedeln so that it was possible to open the cross country skiing slope. I started immediately with the winter training. The weather was sunny and the slope very well prepared.

This morning I started very early, at 8 am and sun was just raising when I was already behind lake Sihlsee. I stopped and quickly did a photo of the beautiful panorama with the lake and the mountains in the background.

Last ride on MTB

Einsiedeln vom Hundwileren
Einsiedeln vom Hundwileren

Like almost every year, there was snow in October. But this year the snow was not only in the mountains but going down to Einsiedeln. It was on 10th of October and Einsiedeln was covered with a white layer of snow. Just for half a day or so, but it was white.

I did almost 500 km on my MTB, so time to make the last ride on it and finish the season for this year. I had a lot of fun on my new MTB and did one last time a route on the hill on the west side of the village. On top there were still the last remainings of the snow from a couple of days ago.

Its a great view from over there where you can see the whole village and the lake and the mountains in the back.

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Enterprise Application
Enterprise Application

This is a great book about development. One of the best books I ever read to increase my skills necessary for my job. Not only that all the different possible architecture are described in a very understandable manner.

This book also makes clear, that you do not always need the most complicated architecture. For a simple application, a simple architecture could totally fulfill your needs.

Which leads back to one of the most important principles in software development: KISS, keep it short and simple. Software gets at the end always much more complicated that planned or expected at the beginning. Lot of developers do not fear the complexity of the source code they produce and at the end you get stuck in a messy code, impossible to have the necessary overview.

Once again I saw when reading this book, that many of the architecture, similar to design patterns are used without knowing them by name. Whatever design or architecture you select for your application, important is that you and your team know it and keep coding to the selected pattern.

Fowler also describes in a very clear example the data mapper which is a pattern I created myself years ago out of long experience. Its nice to see that I was on the right way and that a guru like Fowler describes it in a very similar way as we designed it then.