Einsiedeln is the perfect village for doing sport. In winter you can do cross-country scating, skiing, ice skating, walking with snow shoes and so on. In summer you can do mountain biking, street biking, walking, climbing, jogging, nordic walking, swimming in the near lake, sailing and a lot more. In fact the village where I am living is a holiday destination. So often people ask me where I will go for holidays and often I have to tell them that I will just stay at home.

Running traces

My most favorite route is around Einsiedeln. But this route is very hard, about 23 kilometers of distance and it also goes up and down more than 700 meters.

Running around Einsiedeln
Running around Einsiedeln

I start at home and run back to the lake. About 2 kilometers besides the lake and then up the first hill. On the hill it goes back southwards through a small path in the wood then down a street. Now I am on the back side of Einsiedeln just the opposite side I started.From there I cross to river and go up the hill on the other side. It is called „Hundwileren“ and I do this hill also often with the mountain bike.

In fact half the course can also be done with the bike.Form „Hundwileren“ I go down to a restaurent called „Katzentrick“, a bit further and then turn to the left before I am back down in Einsiedeln. There is a small street which leads to the top of the summer jumping stadion and further down to the near village „Bennau“.

In „Bennau“ just after the church there is a path fast down to the river and and the bridge. On the other side it goes very strong up the hill. On top of the hill I am back on the same altitude and now I am also back on the northern side of Einsiedeln.The rest is going back to the starting point. After about 23 kilometers and more than 700 meters in height I am back at home.

Skating routes

In winter I am doing a lot of cross-country skating. Around Einsiedeln there are a lot of famous or not so famous routes. The nearest is just a few meters near my home.

In winter I prefer the 22 kilometer distance of the local slope which starts just 50 meters near our flat. From our breakfast table I can have a look at the slope, so I can check if it is prepare and if other people are already on the trace.


The slope is called „Schwedentritt“. I dont know why and have no reasonalbe explanation for that. Must be something historical. The longest distance is 22 kilometers, but you can turn around after 3, 12 or 15 kilometers.

The shortest distance is only for beginners and goes back before you reach the lake. The distance we start early in winter is the 12 kilomters. It goes along the lake for a small distance and then up the hill through a moor. Its very beautiful and most of the time you have a direct view to the lake.

If we are fitter then we start doing also the longest distance. It goes along the moor for another 10 kilomerters. If the slope is fast I can do it in 1 and a half hour. If not, or if I am not yet trained well, I need at least 2 hours.