The presidents of the USA

The presidents of the USA

Have you ever tried to create a flipbook? I has never been so easy as this.

A couple of months ago I created a book about the presidents of the USA with blurb. It was a quite hard work, but after some days and a bunch of spent ours I had the book. And was able to send the link to my ebook to my friends an colleges.

But yesterday I got this link „learn more about flipbooks here“ and after reading it I just surfed to to try it out. First had to find a PDF but this one came into my mind and seconds after loading it up I had my flip book. And the quality? I is exceptional! Unbelievable!! Typical Swisss product, the company is located in Switzerland!

PDF is outdated, it was designed to be able to be displayed on any computer (windows, mac, …) and the format is designed to be created very fast. But look at a PDF when you try to display it on a smart phone! And now compare it with a flip book like this! The difference is tremendous. Try to display this example on your smartphone. The quality is extraordinary!

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

I have finished all 44 presidents (in reality only 43 because one was president twice). After finishing I thought that I could create a book by just adding a short description about every president.

I cost me a couple of hours while I was on holiday in Austria but now I have finished. I used a software you can download from the internet to create the book and now you can download or buy it from

Have fun to read it and investigate the paintings. Soon the book will also be available on Amazon.



From time to time you have to learn something new. If you go to bed and think about what you have learned today and there comes nothing into your mind. Stand up and read something in a lexicon just to be able to say that you have learned something that day.

Currently I am back on learning something for my job. jQuery is a development language for internet development, a library which makes it easy to develop web pages able to be running in different browsers.

I bought a book and started reading chapter after chapter until I came to this nice chapter about programming a monster page where you can swap images to define the face of numerous different monsters. Click here to see the page I have developed with help of that book. Many thanks to the writers of the book for the images and the idea!

Leibnitz war kein ButterkeksThis is a really really good book. I can not remember how I got the book or who introduced it to me. But it was so easy to read and so interesting that I read it within a couple of hours beginning of my Christmas holidays this year.

The author is Michael Schmidt-Salomon, a philosopher and writer. I already read years ago for example a history about philosophy. But my impression so far was that this is a very humourless topic and very hard to understand and the sheer mass of information about all the different times and philosophers was exhausting.

I never thought that it could be interesting to study a subject like this. But this book is great, easy to read, understandable and very very interesting. I am sure, this will not be the last book I have read from Mr. Schmidt-Salomon.

JonyIveThe newest book about Apple is great. I ordered the book in advance due to an offer from Amazon.

This book really gave me some new ideas about the person and the company. I was already very impressed by the famous book about Steve Jobs. And this book is also very interesting.

First to the person of Jony Ive. He is another example for successful people who got their talent kind of inherited from their parents. In this case it was his father who was already a famous designer responsible for education in UK. Its like Picasso who’s father was arts teacher on a university in Spain.

Second to Apple. Obviously the company has a very detailed process description for all processes, from design to development, production and marketing. I never thought about something like this. Remarkable! Another good reason for defining and describing the processes in the company.

Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application

This is a great book about development. One of the best books I ever read to increase my skills necessary for my job. Not only that all the different possible architecture are described in a very understandable manner.

This book also makes clear, that you do not always need the most complicated architecture. For a simple application, a simple architecture could totally fulfill your needs.

Which leads back to one of the most important principles in software development: KISS, keep it short and simple. Software gets at the end always much more complicated that planned or expected at the beginning. Lot of developers do not fear the complexity of the source code they produce and at the end you get stuck in a messy code, impossible to have the necessary overview.

Once again I saw when reading this book, that many of the architecture, similar to design patterns are used without knowing them by name. Whatever design or architecture you select for your application, important is that you and your team know it and keep coding to the selected pattern.

Fowler also describes in a very clear example the data mapper which is a pattern I created myself years ago out of long experience. Its nice to see that I was on the right way and that a guru like Fowler describes it in a very similar way as we designed it then.

Better Angles

Better Angles

Everybody thinks that violence increases over time. When you see all the bad news spread through media, you must have the impression that this is obvious.

The more impressed I was by realizing that this is not the truth. Steven Pinker gives an overview about live from the first human beings over ancient folks, middle age humanism until modern live.

Live has become less and less violent as he proofs with a lot of charts and statistics. Live has become less violent not only in terms of wars between states and groups but also in all different aspects of human being.

This improvement went on in several main steps, big leaps forward. One was humanism when people realized that deadly punishment, torture and so on is bad and stopped ugly things like slavery, torture and so on.

A second big step happened in the last 10 to 20 years when we saw increased rights for women, children, suppressed folks, outsiders and many others.

Last week you could read in the newspaper, that New York celebrated the first day in its existence without a homicide. This was another proof that live is becoming less and less violent.

Its unbelievable but its the truth. World is becoming more and more livable for all people. The „good old days“ are a myth.

Happy Work

I was watching some videos from Jill Geisler which I have downloaded from iTunes U and was so fascinated by the videos that I listened to all of them within a couple of days. Finally I ordered the book from Jill Geisler which was not yet published.

And two weeks ago, I was surprised to get an email from Amazon that they have sent the book. I just did not remember the name Jill Geisler. But now I remember well. This is a very impressive book, easy to read with very usable hints and tips about team leading.

I will put the book after I have finished reading it into our shelf in the office so that my team members can see it and even read it if they want. I already started practicing some of the facts I have read about. Jill Geisler was working for news TV station and now is teaching at Poynter institute.