Lemon city

Lemon city

When I was on university we had a PC application for creating geometrical drawings. As I already knew about software development at that time, I was very very impressed by that application.

Was 20 years ago, internet was not yet there at that time, but I did not forget about the program and you can still download it from the company which is developing and selling it.

A couple of years ago, when I had to learn JavaScript, the language for the internet browser, I decided to combine learning with some fun. But it took me much longer than I would have been willing to invest. After a some months, a break of about some years and a restart, here is the result: www.lemon.city

The difficulty was finding out how to do the geometrical calculations! I never really had vector calculation in school. What I know about it is from some lessons on university. But I was able to find for most of the problems solutions. Some solved in this way, some solved in that way. Once I will come back and read a book about vector calculation and create a new library!

Some features are still missing from the original solution I worked with 20 year ago. But I am already very proud about what I were able to realize. When there is the next time slot where I have enough time, I will continue, for sure.

The presidents of the USA

The presidents of the USA

Have you ever tried to create a flipbook? I has never been so easy as this.

A couple of months ago I created a book about the presidents of the USA with blurb. It was a quite hard work, but after some days and a bunch of spent ours I had the book. And was able to send the link to my ebook to my friends an colleges.

But yesterday I got this link „learn more about flipbooks here“ and after reading it I just surfed to www.yumpu.com to try it out. First had to find a PDF but this one came into my mind and seconds after loading it up I had my flip book. And the quality? I is exceptional! Unbelievable!! Typical Swisss product, the company is located in Switzerland!

PDF is outdated, it was designed to be able to be displayed on any computer (windows, mac, …) and the format is designed to be created very fast. But look at a PDF when you try to display it on a smart phone! And now compare it with a flip book like this! The difference is tremendous. Try to display this example on your smartphone. The quality is extraordinary!


Sailing in Montenegro

Have been in Montenegro with my friend for sailing near Kotor. Very nice area! We were sleeping on the ship and sailing through the whole area for a couple of days. Phenomenal! We will come back next year with more people and charter a bigger boat and plan to go out to Adria.

The combination of sport (sailing) and sun is wonderful. I really like it. Would not be able to just lay around on the beach the whole day anymore. I need some actions nowadays. Look at this video with Bernhard and Predrag in action.


Sailing with my Helbling 485

Meanwhiles I am better in sailing. Last year I turned my dinghy over at least 7 times. Sometimes it was quite hard to turn it back again.

But after a lot of training in the new year, I am quite happy with my expertise. I am going with the boat always alone and since a couple of weeks I am able to use he trapeze.

Yesterday we tried out the catamaran of my friend he had bought this spring. It was great fun. I also have a Europe winner now gotten for free. We had to repair it, but now it is wonderful to sail.

In fact we have tree boats to use now, my Helbling 485 from the foto, the small Europe Winner an the catamaran.

Today another friend joined us on the catamaran. I used my Helbling 485. Was just fun though there was no sun and after an hour or so, it started to rain.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

I have finished all 44 presidents (in reality only 43 because one was president twice). After finishing I thought that I could create a book by just adding a short description about every president.

I cost me a couple of hours while I was on holiday in Austria but now I have finished. I used a software you can download from the internet to create the book and now you can download or buy it from blurb.de.

Have fun to read it and investigate the paintings. Soon the book will also be available on Amazon.



Another opening with an international painter. Months ago I was driving with my car the main street in Altendorf, a village not so far away. From the street I was able to see the big paintings of a very impressive painter VOKA from Austria I already knew.

Immediately I stoppend and entered the gallery with name Kunst7 and had a look at the nice paintings. A couple of days ago I visited the homepage of the gallery and saw that this painter will have his opening just days later.

I told my friend and we attended the opening. Was really impressive. Had a small talk with the painter and bought a book signed by him.

David Flury

David Flury

I had already seen some paintings of David Flury, a local painter in the internet and thought: „Wow this guy knows his profession!“ One evening I was searching for local exhibitions in Einsiedeln and found an article about an opening the same day with David Flury in the Chärnehus.

I just called my friend and we went there, to see the paintings of this guy. We were late and therefore almost the last guests. So we were inspecting all the paintings and afterwards started a small talk with the painter.

It ended with having several beers with Dave and a nice discussion with him and his wife. Was a very nice evening.



My wife gave me a ticket for a tandem jump at a near skydive station to my birthday. Last weekend the big event happened.

You get a short training how to behave in the plane and on the jump and then you sit into the small plane and go up 3000 meters over sea level.

I was so scared. From time to time I thought what would happen if the plane has a problem. You couldn’t do anything, would just crash down.

Up there the door is opened an you have to climb out the guid knotted onto your back. I had just no time to think about anything at that time. There is nothing under your feet, just this small part of the plane. Then you lean yourself to the right and fall.

40 seconds of free fall down to „Züricher Oberland“! Then the guid pulls the line and you are up there hanging in a piece of fabric. I was scared again, thinking about the nothing below my feet and the thin lines holding me up.

At the end it was great great great. Coming down I had the urgent wish just to go up and do it again. Maybe next year.