There is one bike tour I try to do every summer. It is quite hard and I normally need 3 and half an hour. But it is a very nice tour. I really like it.

First you have to go back to Unteriberg and from there a tracking route up to Oberiberg where you arrive near the church and just can continue up to Roggenstock. There it is very steep and I need normally almost an hour until I reach Adlerhorst, which is the name of a restaurent allmost on top of this mountain.

The last part of this way you have to bear the bike and it is very exhausting. From there you continue to Spierstock where you again have to carry the bike. But here is the highest point of the tour and sometimes I make a rest in the restaurent there. The hardest part of the tour is done.

The way down is the really interesting thing. You go down from Spierstock, a quite bad way where you have to be careful. After about one hour, you reach to foot of Grosser Mythen, the mountain on the picture above. Down left where you only see clouds is Schwyz.

Back to Einsiedeln you have to go down on the right side another 20 kilometers and there you are back at home. This year, I had an accident with one of my wheels and was not able to drive down the whole way but had to go with the bike. My wife took me home from Brunni. Wonderful tour! I like it!