A couple of weeks ago it was the first time that I saw and heard about Conchita. The first image makes you confused. Something never seen: a woman with a beard.

I saw the small spot on a TV docu about the most confusing people or something like that. Weeks later I was surprised to see on TV that Austria has nominated this very same woman for the song contest. It was 2 days before the song contest took place and I thought that I must not miss the contest this time.

Normally I do not look the contest because I am not very interested in this kind of music. But if something like this and from my very country is participating, it is a must. So I watched the contest from the beginning and was absolutely surprised from the performance of  Conchita. She was starting as number 11 and after I saw here, all the other candidates coming later were just boring and the only thing I wanted was to see Conchita again.

Obviously Conchita was ranked number 2 from the book makers, so maybe there was a chance for here to even win. Reason enough for me to watch the whole thing until the end. When the counting of votes began, it immediately became interesting because from the very beginning, Austria was a front runner.

When Austria took over the first place and kept staying there, it got more and more exciting. I was seldom so proud of my country like that very Saturday night, when Conchita won the contest! This is a sign for Europe that we are one of the most tolerant and modern regions in the world. I am not sure if something like this, that a bearded woman gets voted to win a song contest could happen in any other country or area in the world. I am proud of Europe and proud of Austria to have the courage to have nominated Conchita.