George Washington

George Washington

A friend gave me a box of acrylic chalks and showed me how to rapidly paint a face. A couple of months ago I was wondering if I could do it like him and made a first try. Luckily the first try was not too bad so that I had the courage to continue with probing. The second painting was already impressive for my personal judgement.

Immediately I had an idea for a new project. Painting portraits is very fascinating if you see a painter doing it very fast and in a profession that you immediately can identify the person which has been portrayed.

John Adams

John Adams

My idea is to paint the faces of all 44 American presidents, starting with the first and coming back to the current one, Obama. There is a list on Wikipedia with all US presidents and on Google you can find pictures of about everyone of them. Here are the first and the second one, Washington and Adams.

business men

Business Men

Since 6 months I am working on a new painting project. A friend had the good idea to participate at a local market where you can sell your pictures.

Only condition is that you have at least 40 pictures. So we started to paint like devil. My plan was to stay with one theme and make all 40 pictures about the same topic. After some thinking I decided to paint men.

I saw similar paintings on a web page about hobby painters and thought staying with one topic is much easier than getting creative again and again.

First I made the drawing for all 40 frames. This was the hard work but I was able to finish it within about 2 weeks. After that I continued with adding color to the first pictures. This is much more time consuming.

Here is the result of the first 20 paintings: all men with green suit. Click here to see all of them. The next 10 pictures will be in red and are currently under work.


I have a new hobby. In March I had an accident while jogging in the wood and had to go to hospital for a medical treatment. Since then I had to reduce my sportive activities which was not easy a the beginning.

Meanwhiles it is better and I am even happy because I spend more time with my kids again. But I also have a new hobby. Together with a friend we have rented a small room in the next building and do painting there.

This is a funny hobby. I was quite a good painter in school and even won once a school championship. But since then I lever practiced it. But my friend has this hobby since more than ten years, so once a month we meet in our room and drink beer and paint.

This is one of the good paintings I have done so far. Its not easy!