Did a long but beautiful bike tour today: Einsiedeln, Sch철nenberg, Menzingen, Zug, K체ssnacht, Weggis, Vitznau, Brunnen, Schwyz, Einsiedeln.

The tour is about 105 kilometers and very beautiful. Starting in Einsiedeln I often go down to Schindellegi and from there to Menzingen either directly or over Sch철nenberg. Both villages are on the hills above lake Z체richsee.

From Menzingen it goes down to Zug at Lake Zug. Zug is a lot deeper located than Einsiedeln, so sprint has already progressed far over there in comparison to Einsiedeln. From Zug around lake Zug back to K체ssnacht, a very famous village located exactly beweet lake Zug and lake Vierwaldst채ttersee.

In K체ssnacht I took this photo of a huge blooming bush. I don’t know its name but it was very impressive in its current blooming state. Lake Vierwaldst채ttersee is the most famous lake in Switzerland. Its great and I took my route from K체ssnacht over Weggis and Vitznau, beautiful holiday locations to Brunnen.

In Brunnen I had already 80 kilometers and made a short break. The last 25 kilometers were more up than down and I was already quite exhausted, but managed to reach Einsiedeln 4 and a half hours after I had started.