Frauenfelder Marathon

Frauenfelder Marathon

Wow, that was hard, much harder than expected. I heard about this marathon and thought if I were able to do Luzern marathon, I should also be able to do this one, a month later.

But wrong thinking. Frauenfelder marathon is much more than a marathon. There are only a few starters, maybe 250 or something like that. It was already quite cold, raining a little bit at the beginning.

But what is really hard is that it is going up and down, up and down, up and down. You are running from hill to hill, from Frauenfeld to Wil, always going more up than anything else until Wil.

I started much to fast but did not want to be the last runner. And at the beginning I did not feel too bad. But at kilometer 18 or something like that, it started hurting in my legs and in Wil I almost were not able to run any more, such a hurt in my legs. I had to stop in Wil, after half the distance. Were running much too fast. Had less than 2 hours for 21 kilometers though it was going up and down. Much too fast.

I sat into the next train and went back by train to Frauenfeld. Was very unhappy, but think will retry next year. But then I have to do much much more training on long distances. Much more …