I’m so proud about the european union, really so proud. Proud about the freedom to go to any country within the european union, from Poland to Italy, to Spain, Greek, Danmark, Germany, France, Ireland and so on. Proud about the new common money, the Euro, proud about the fallen borders.

I have been living in Salzburg for about ten years, a very beautiful and lovely city in Austria just near the border to Germany. Sometimes we went to Germany for playing squash and had to cross the border. Once my friend had forgotten his passport, so we were not allowed to go to the court.

In the year 1999, I think they shut down the border. They really shut it. All the police men there suddenly fanished. You now can go to Germany and back without even beeing aware of crossing a border. There are a lot of German people in Salzburg now and you can travel around as you like it.

Now, a few years later I wonder how it was possible to have borders between so many countries in europe. How much progress it is for the european people to have this great union.

Sometimes I go to Greece for holiday. I really like Greece. And there you have the same money as in Austria, that is wunderful. Sometimes I go to Italy for holiday. I also like this country. And there you have also the same money…

It is amazing, for me it is the best political thing that happend in europe since Alexander the great who unified the ancient greece with the old orient.