Grand Prix de Bern

Grand Prix de Bern

This year, we did it for the third time. The “Grand prix de Bern” is one of the most fascinating running races I know because there are such a lot of people starting. This year, there was a new record in participating runners. More than 22 thousand in the 10 miles category.

I had a good race. I am not sure if I were faster than last year. But one thing is sure. The personal impression of the race is that it is over faster from year to year. This might be because with the time you know the race already. Of course in the first year, all was new and you one had the impression, that the 16 kilometers took a quite long time. Not so this year. All was over after a couple of minute, was my feeling. But I had a similar time than last year. Funny.

After the race we always stay for a couple of hours in Bern. It is such a nice city. We first went to the “Bundeshaus” and had a beer in front of it in one of the many restaurents there. After this we went to a already known restaurent, where we had nice food, after the exhausting race. I like it.


Grand Prix de Bern

This year the Grand Prix was a month earlier which means that we have had less time to get in shape.

The race was the same fun as last year. We started in a better sector. Therefore I was not in a situation to overtake a lot of people but it happend to me that I fell back and back. All the time people were overtaking me.

But this does not matter. The important thing is that the race is a fun and this race is always a very special fun because there are so many participants (over 13.000 people did the 10 miles). From the beginning to the end you are in the middle of a crowd.

Grand Prix of Bern

This was my first attendance to the GP of Bern. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and we got there with train. This run is marvelous! Lot of the passage goes throught the city with a lot of people cheering for you and there are a lot of bands making music around the line.

I had a quit good personal running time with an average of 5 minutes per kilometer. Of course, the winner needs only half the time. But for me it was good. This will be part of my sportive year from now on. I will be there next May.

I were able to track my running conditions with my new gps device. Luckily there is a new software for the Garmin Forerunner which allows to see different categories of the track in a map or a satellite plan. Nice software!