Edimax IC-3110W

Edimax IC-3110W

I just bought a network camera and was wondering how easy it is to install such a thing at home. Network cameras are very cheap nowadays. I just payed CHF 130,– including delivery. My model is a wireless model which has motion detection, email delivery and a night modus.

You have to connect it to power and enable the device on your router and it is connected. There is a nice web interface to change settings and you can just browse the IP and see the video. It even comes with an iPhone app which does video streaming.

Making it accessible from outside was much harder and cost me a couple of nights. Finally it worked when I assigned the camera a fix IP address and put it into the de-militarized zone in my router. With a normal Cablecome internet contract you do not get a fix IP address, so you have to use DynDNS.com or No-IP.com to solve this problem.

But now it works, and after having installed everything, I must say that it was easier than expected.

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