Sport 2012

Sport 2012

This was my sports year 2012. I started writing down my sports activities last year and it is a little surprise, that I did such a lot this year.

But without any question I did more than in previous years. Reason might be that my kids are older and I have more time. Reason could be that I did more different types of sport this year. I also started triathlon and you have to practice more for all three disciples. Reason could also be that I started writing down my activities.

Approximately 6 weeks ago I found out that there is the possibility to do 2000 kilometers in all different categories together. And this was of course another reason which motivated me enormous.

I saw that there are only 70 kilometers missing on racing bike and managed to finish the missing 70 kilometers one sunny November Sunday. Same with biking and in December with skating.

And whats about next year. Next year I have to do more than! Thats for sure. My target is again 1000 kilometers racing bike, 500 kilometer skating, 250 mountain bike but more running. I will try to run also 250 kilometers. Thats my target for next year. And of course all the nice races I have already participated this year.

I already started today with 2 kilometers of crawling in the renovated indoor swimming pool in Unteriberg.

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