Growing Tornado

Growing Tornado

It’s unbelievable but I was able to take a photo of a tornado! Were sitting in the restaurant of our hotel in Cyprus about 2 pm after having lunch and suddenly saw something coming out of a cloud looking like a finger.

First I was not sure but when I looked at it for a couple of seconds I saw that it really was growing. I told my wife to take a picture and ran to our room to get the kids to the restaurant to see it too.

When we were back it was already grown down to earth and looked like a real tornado. It was just in front of us, maybe 2 kilometers distance. I never have seen something like that and I am sure not a lot of people have.

It’s a pity that we forgot to take a video. Would have been much nicer. The whole thing had a duration of about 3 minutes, then it was over.

Tornado finished

Tornado finished

When is was down to earth it started getting thinner and thinner and vanished within seconds.

And I am also sure that you get only once in your like the opportunity to see something like that in reality and to be able to take a picture.

The whole thing was really only about 3 minutes until it was gone and I was able to see it from the beginning.

I just was nipping on my coffee when I looked at the dark cloud expecting a flash and thunder every second, when I saw the little white finger coming down slowly.

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