Iron bike 2012

Iron bike 2012

This year I was not sure if will be able to do the 77 kilometers. I had not done the tour before this year and did not a lot of kilometers on the bike. Just had the o-tour as kind of training race.

Saturday it was raining heavily almost the whole day. Luckily the race is always on Sunday and Sunday morning sun was shining in Einsiedeln. This means that all the roads upwards were dry but downhills mostly wet or very wet.

This year I enjoyed the race the most since I participate for several reasons: it was nice weather, downhills was wet and I had enough power this year.

And there was something else: this year I had to start in the very last group and there the field is not so crowded. So you do not have to fear constantly that somebody is coming from your back and over turning you downhills. Was much fun!

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