This was the first run around Lauerzersee and there were already more than 600 participants. It was extremely hot, more than 30 degree, when it started last Friday at 7 pm.

Was not so easy to get there, you have to park your car at Seewen-Märkt which is a shopping mall not so far away. You only have to cross a trail way and a highway! And I was really in a hurry because I had to get a start number just before the beginning and was already very late.

The race starts just in front of the local swimming bath at the lake and is exactly 10 kilometers in distance. I started too fast and was still tired because I did also 1000 meter crawl a noon, the same day. So my arms were hurting but thought this is a good training for a triathlon.

After 5 kilometer, I was already quite exhausted and had problems with breathing and each kilometer became harder. At the end I really was happy to finish. My time was a few second above 50 minutes, so still 5 minutes per kilometer.

The route itself is not very beautiful, big part of it is just in parallel to the highway with thousands of cars with bad air and noise. I originally wanted to participate at Klöntalerseelauf which took place at the same day but decided to do Lauerzerseelauf because it is nearer to my home and it was the first time. Maybe next year I will decide for Klöntal if they are again on the same day.

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