J. F. Kennedy

J. F. Kennedy

“Ich bin ein Berliner!” This famous words are from JF Kennedy. Every body knows them. He has spoken them when he visited the western part of Berlin which was a that time segregated from the eastern, communistic part of Germany. It seems that the people who were listening began to cry after Kennedys words and you may think, this is because Kennedy told them that he actually feeled like one of them.

But that were not all the words form Kennedy and it is a typical example how the meaning of some words can be changed completely if only part of them are delivered.

What he realy sayed was this: “2000 years ago, if you were born in the anciant Rom you had all the roman rights and the sentence “I am a Roman!” meant that you are a free man. Nowadays, if you want to tell that you are a free man you have to say “I am a Berliner!”“

So what Kennedy has said is completely different from what you would think if you hear only the last words. But both meanings are fantastic and able to make people cry. So, it does not matter.

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