This years race was much more fun for me than last years. I was not so good prepared than last year, but did not want to make the same mistake once more. This all together made the race a real fun.

I had 30 minutes longer than last year which for me is not worth mentioning. Last year I started to fast. I wanted to go with the masses which was a bad mistake. After a few kilometers my power was all gone. After little more than half of the race I were almost not able to keep on the bike and the rest of the race was a horrible painful torture.

This year I had no time for training because I was always jogging. At least I were able to make up to 100 kilometers of training. Normally much to less to qualify for starting but I did a lot of running and made some small test tours with the bike. At a whole I felt prepared but wanted to go my own speed and make enougth breaks.

Thats what I did and it became a wonderful race with very nice, cold but sunny weather. I made lot of breaks either for eating or for changing clothes and had enougth reserves to give full power until the end. Nice race! I will try the same next year! And my conclusions: you must not give 100% at the race day. If you are well prepared you will be fast, you must not power out yourself and make a bloody race!

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