It was my first time in New York and on the east coast of America. I really love America since I have been in California 15 years ago. But east coast and west coast are slightly different. And New York of course is very special by itself.

What me surprised the most was the marvelous food and beer you can have there. We had to go to a subsidiary of our company in Milford in Connecticut. Connecticut is a very beautiful country. Milford is located on the coast and about 2 car hours north from New York.

I had never in my life such a good pizza as in Milford and I had never in my life such a big quantity of different beer you could order. I can remeber a beer called “Blue moon”, one called “Red hat”. You could have dark beer like in Ireland, wheet beer tasting like bavarian beer and normal beer. One of these I tried had an apple flavor. Very nice …

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