Christmas in Einsiedeln

Christmas in Einsiedeln

It is christmas time in Einsiedeln. This year we have snow what was not so sure in the last years. In Einsiedeln there is every year a christmas market beginning in December.

There you can drink warm “Glühwein” or “Punch” and eat christmas specials. It is very romantic and a lot of people from everywhere are coming to Einsiedeln.

There is also a big christmas tree in front of the monastry. I took a photo from my little girls who have a lot of fun with the snow.

There is an old story about the foundation of Einsiedeln. A single priest was living here. His name was Meinrad which is still the holy name of Einsiedeln and he had two raves as house animals. The two raves are now the symbol of Einsiedeln.

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