This year we bought a ticket for the whole year for the skiing area just behind Einsiedeln. Our older taughter skis since last winter and has so much fun with it that we go for sking almost every weekend.

The younger taughter has to attend us. We put her onto a sledge where she sleeps very often. Then we make about 10 time the hill with the older taughter, the younger pulling around, go to the restaurent for french frees and a wheet beer. After one or two hours we go down to the village the small kid on the sledge and me or my wife behind her.

Its such a fun and the area is so beautiful. There are not to many people. The slope is not to steep, ideal for children. And this year there is such a lot of snow. It will be possible to ski for another month I think. And the panorama is amazing.

The name of the moutain on the picture is “Mythen”. Its just 15 minutes with the car from our flat. I can see it from our garden.

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