Little Zoe

Little Zoe

In winter there was a lot of snow. Then in March, suddenly it became warm and within a few weeks all the snow was gone and it went green and warm.

Now it is spring in Einsiedeln. The vegetation is weeks behind that in Zürich but everything is green and the flowers are showing their most beautiful colors.

I made a walking tour through the wood behind Einsiedeln. There is a small path which you can walk with children. The kids have a lot of fun, searching for flowers and trying to catch butterflies.

From the hill one can see the lake. Here I made a photo of my smaller girl in the middle a big field full of yellow and white flowers.

When I was a boy, I can remember that I myself was walking through flowers in the field. I was so small that I just could smell on the flowers because they grew up to my nose. Years later, when I was older, I was woundering why the flowers were so small. I remembered them going up to my nose.

Much later, when I was grown up I knew that the flowers have the same height nowadays. What makes the difference is that I am taller now!

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