This year I started the third time for this bike race. Start and finish are just 500 meters from my home, so its a home race for me. A lot of neighbours attend this race too. It has three categories. I start for the smalest one. It goes over 55 kilometers and 2300 meters in altitude.

This year was my fastest race since I participat. I was 3 minutes faster than last year. This year I did a lot of training, especially the time when I went home with the bike from the office. This was enough training, so I had enough power to go as fast as possible from beginning to the end of the race.

It is much more fun if the race is not so exhausting. Additionally the weather was wounderful. Nice race this year and a lot of participants. I went to the start 15 minutes before starting time and had already to queue up very far behind the start line, but after 10 minutes I was in the middle of the crowd.

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