Lucerne Marathon

Lucerne Marathon

Today I ran my second marathon, the marathon of Luzern. We did our first marathon last year, also in Luzern. This time, we know the trace. I was better prepared than last year, I thought, but I needed 4 minutes more than last year.

This year the wall, how it is call, came at kilometer 35, much later than last year. Therefore it hit me harder. I was from time to time not longer able to run and had to walk for a while.

Finally I did it and everything is hurting me now, my legs, my back and even my shoulders. Though it is every year a fight against the pain, I will run another marathon next year.

I think man must be able to run a marathon. That should be the normal condition of a human. At least for me it is a fix part of my live. We train the whole summer to be able to make the marathon.

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