We go every year to Mauterndorf, to my parents. In the last couple of year we always went there in March, when sun is already becoming stronger but snow is still on the montains. March is the best time for skiing in my opinion. In March, there is the most snow of the whole winter, and there is normally the most sun shining in winter.

We had luck this year, the first few days were really bretty: Sun and snow! As I am not used to do skiing, the first day was quite hard for me. We went down the slopes, but I had not the fun I normally feel when skiing. But the second day was alrady better and on the third day, my love for skiing was back.

The picture is from Mauterndorf, there is a nice skiing area in this village. We were there on our first day and took a break in one of the huts for a beer and tipical Austrian food. Very nice!

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