This year I started training already in April. I made no pause between cross country sking and biking and running. Two week after scross country sking was not possible any more because snow has been melted away, I did my first short run, already 12 kilometers. I lost almost nothing of my strength, running 12 kilometers was just fun. I did one of my preferable routes around the lake.

And I also started already running from the office home, which is about 22 kilometers. Same with the bike. It is just April and I am already able to go over 20 kilometers without a problem. This year I should be faster in the running races. We will see, first race is “Grand Prix de Bern” in May.

It was already becoming dark when I took this foto. I looks cold, as it was in fact. I am coming down from the hills to the lake from where it is just one kilometer to my home.

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