Racing Bike

Racing Bike

I never had a racing bike, but this year I bought on. Not a new one. You never know, if you are really interested in a sport. That is my motto and I try not to invest too much money at the beginning.

Now I did my first 100 kilometers and I must say, that I already like my new bike. Its wonderful to speed down streets with about 60 kilometers per hour. And it is also much fun to go up the hills, exhausting, but a lot of fun.

My neightbour and me, we both have a new racing bike, and here in the mountains, its seems as if we have the wrong gears. It is very hard to go up the hills though we bought a bike with smaller gears. My neightbour thinks, we should just try going on until we are strong enough. But we could also change the front wheels to have three instead of two.

Besides, I bought so far all my bikes in a small bike shop in Willerzell.

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