Finger shoes

Finger shoes

Have you ever heard of finger shoes? No! They look very funny and I ordered a pair a couple of weeks ago. I have read in a newspaper that normal running shoes are not so good for your legs because the buffer is to large. The large buffer is not normal for the legs. The buffer move the burden from the feet to the knees which is not optimal.

Shoes without the buffer are more aligned to normal movement of the legs. Obviously there are already some running shoes on the market without or with a smaller buffer. One of this shoes is the finger shoe from VIBRAM.

I tried the finger shoes and I am quite surprised how different running is with these shoes. The first time, I could feel every step in my head because my muscles did not buffer the step. But the second time, this feeling was already gone and I already dared to make a run of about 20 kilometers without any problem The difference is that the lower legs are more used and get earlier dired.

I would not use the finger shoes for running a race or doing distances more than 20 kilometers though I have heard that some people do exactly that. But these shoes are a new experience I would not like to miss. Try it!

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