Sihlseelauf 2010

Sihlseelauf 2010

This is one of my home races becaus start and end are just 500 meters away from my home. I don’t like this home race very much because there are not such a lot of starters and a lot of people who are just looking and participating.

I want to be faster every year, and this year I trained more, so normally I should have been faster, but I managed only to finish half a minute faster than last year. Does not matter. It is just for fun. Was very hot, the last kilometer, there was not fresh wind and I really thought, that I can not finished because of the heat.

The funny thing with this race is that there is also a category for kids and my older girls started in this category. I really smiled seeing here with a totally read face coming back to the finish after 1.4 kilometers of exhausting running. But she was very proud of herself and me too. Very well done! I did not expect it!

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