Schwedentritt is the name of the cross country skiing slope I use normally for training. It is just 200 meters away from our flat. I just have to cross a street and there I am. The trace has 4 different distances: 3, 12, 16 and 21 kilometers. Normally I do the longest distance, but at the beginning, in November or December, I start with 12 kilometers.

The trace is not too easy, goes up and down which makes it hard to do. The trace in Studen, 6 kilometers away is much easier.

This year I did the first time 2 rounds, 42 kilometers. I had less than 3 hours, which is good for me but nothing compared to the real good runners. Theay do it in almost half the time. But technik is everything and I were able to improve my technik for another time this year. I am not getting dired any more. Can run and run and run …

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