Every hear, we go for a week to Mauterndorf, the small village in the mountains in Austria, where I was born and grew up. This year, the weather and the snow were very good. There were a few days, when sun was not shining, but even then, we were skiing and had fun.

Our target for this year was, that the younger daughter also learns skiing. For this reason, we sent both girls to a skiing training in the local skiing school. Lia was not convinced, but Zoe joined for a whole day. And after that, she was also able to ski alone. Target reached!

I did skiing every day, for at least 2 hours, and we tested all 3 local skiing areas: Speiereck, Fanningberg and Katschberg. Fantastic skiing areas. Once I even hiked to the top of Speiereck which is 2400 meters altitude together with my brother. And on the same day, we did several skiing tours down Restalm, through deep snow. It was like 20 years ago, when we did this each winter.

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