This winter, we had very few snow. December was ok. It was possible to ski and do cross country skiing from beginning of December. Christmas time was also tremendous with lot of snow and cold weather.

But then there were 2 or 3 periods of about a few days where it was very warm and snow was melting away. February and March was over weeks not enough snow to do cross country skiing in Einsiedeln.

Though conditions were not so good, I was able to do more than 400 kilometers cross country skiing. But mid of march, as one can see on the picture, snow was away. After Engadiner ski marathon, I was not in the mood any more to do skiing.

So I started biking and running again. And I were able to bring my physical condition very well over the winter. I already went from office to Einsiedeln by bike once and also did my first run from office to home this year. Worth to mention is also that I started with this heavy run without any training before.

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