I bought also the new kindle. The new one is smaller with the same size of the display, has less wieght and a higher display resolution. The new one is withoug GSM support, but I need to download new books only at home where I have wireless.

The best benefit of the kindle is that you can download a trial of a book where you can read the first chapter. I more than once downloaded such trials and found out that the book is not what I have expected.

It happend more than once that I bought a book which seemed to be very interesting and afterwards I did never read it to the end. Thats over now though I still by books. Not all of the books are available as kindle downloads up to now.

The good thing is, that there are now also German books available, think more than 60.000. And lot of them (mostly old literature: Goethe and so on) are for free.

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