I had to go to Hanoi to visit our team which is working for us now since about 3 years. We have at the moment 6 developers and 1 tester there. This was my first time, I was in Asia. Up to now I was a bit afraid of that continent. But with this travel, I have a totally different opinion.

Hanoi is a big, noisy and polluted city. But the people are very charming. For me all streets looked the same and I had never an idea, in which area I was. But this would change if you are there for a longer time.

On the last day, I went with a motorbike to down town. Was much fun. Most of the people in Hanoi have a motorbike instead of a car. There must be millions of motorbikes driving around every day. For our experience of traffic in Europe, traffic in Hanoi is total chaos, no rules. But that makes it the more interesting. Next time, I will try to get my own motorbike and then I will dive into the traffic and have more fun.

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