When we were young and when I was still living in Mauterndorf, the village where I grew up, we often went to Kärnten, which is the state located in the south of Austria.

There are a few lakes and the weather in summer is very warm. We went there for swimming and spent mostly the whole day there though it is only half an hour by car.

This year, I brought my two girls to my partents, to spend some weeks with them and before I returned to Switzerland, I went to Kärnten, together with my brother and his family.

It was like 20 years ago. We went to Wörthersee, which is a very famous lake. There was also a series on TV about a castle hotel located at this lake. The weather was very warm, the water was tremendous warm. I think it had 25 degree. It was a wonderful day. And the girls were very happy.

My brother took two bikes with him and we did a short tour round the lake in the morning. Was also very funny, only 40 kilometers, where you could go as fast a possible. We had one and half an hour.

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