The presidents of the USA

The presidents of the USA

Have you ever tried to create a flipbook? I has never been so easy as this.

A couple of months ago I created a book about the presidents of the USA with blurb. It was a quite hard work, but after some days and a bunch of spent ours I had the book. And was able to send the link to my ebook to my friends an colleges.

But yesterday I got this link „learn more about flipbooks here“ and after reading it I just surfed to to try it out. First had to find a PDF but this one came into my mind and seconds after loading it up I had my flip book. And the quality? I is exceptional! Unbelievable!! Typical Swisss product, the company is located in Switzerland!

PDF is outdated, it was designed to be able to be displayed on any computer (windows, mac, …) and the format is designed to be created very fast. But look at a PDF when you try to display it on a smart phone! And now compare it with a flip book like this! The difference is tremendous. Try to display this example on your smartphone. The quality is extraordinary!

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