Saentis Classic

Saentis Classic

This is a bike tournament where you start in different groups of about 20 to 20 people depending on your personal speed. I started in „sports“ group but was not really sure if I am able to follow. So I expected a quite hard fight and was prepared to have to give up and finish in the next slower group or find my way to the finish alone.

The frist 50 kilometers go constantly up to the mountains. Its not really hard, you just have to follow the group to be in the wind shadow. I was able to follow and the rest after 50 kilometers was quite acceptable. From then it goes quite steep up to the mountains, 12 kilometers almost only in the lowest gear. This part was free speed, so everybody could go his own tempo.

On top there was a snake station and a rest of about 20 minutes. And then it went straight down. On top we had approximately half of the whole route (130 kilometers). And the following 2 hours were mostly going down. As long as you were able to stay in the group everything was ok. But when we had to pass a short up a hill, I really had to fight, to be able to follow. Legs were hurting badly then and it was not going better until finally we finished.

It was a wonderful day! I will come back next year to the Säntis-Classic.

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