Workouts 2013

Workouts 2013

A sportive year is ending. I did my last workout on my cross country skies today and finished with it the sport activities of the year 2013.

Since I started tracking my activities with last year, I do much more sport. At least, I have the feeling and always a good reason to go out for a ride on my bike or for a run. This year, I did even more than last year, partly because I participated at Gigathlon, but partly also because I am tracking my workouts.

In total I did 2500 kilometers, not counting skiing and so on where you don’t measure the distance. About 1000 on the bike on the street, 500 on the mountain bike, which was much more than last year, 600 cross country skiing, 250 running and a bit skating and swimming.

Looking forward to next year, which I will start next weekend. My target is to do more running and the same from all the others disciplines.

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