Engadiner 2012

Engadiner 2012

This year it was much better than last year. There were two things: first we booked breakfast in the hotel just in front of the start and had morning buffet in a the warmth.

This was the problem the last years. It is impossible to find a warm place in a restaurant. All restaurants are over and over crowded with people who had cold.

Which contrast this year: warm breakfast room with buffet, as much coffee and bread and butter as you can eat and that just in front of the starting area.

The second thing much better this year was the slope. The snow was cold and the ski was running. I was able to do the marathon in 3 hours 30 something I think (forgot the exact time) and was not a bit as much exhausted as last year.

This year was just great! We will be back in 2013.

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