Engadiner 2013

Mandelbrot Excel
Mandelbrot Excel

I had my best time until now. This was the fourth Engadiner ski marathon I did. The race was very fast this year and it was quite easy. I was not exhausted like in other years. Only the very last kilometer at the end was hard.

I am still in group „Allgemein A“ which is not bad but would like to get once fast enough to start in the „Elite“ group. But this maybe will never happen.

The whole event is really funny. We have to start at 3 am in the morning and go by car to Landquart from where we take a 2 hours train to St. Moritz and from there its another ride on a bus of about 20 minutes.

This lets us arrive in Maloja just before 7:00 where we put our skis to the start to be in one of the front lines when the race begins. We booked breakfast in „Maloja Palace“ which is the very best option for waiting until the race starts at 8:50.

This year I did more skating than before and the marathon in Einsiedeln was a very good preparation. The marathon in Einsiedeln is much harder and I was at my very end in the finish.