Einsiedler Ski

Einsiedler Ski

This will be my new ski. My old one is already almost 15 years old and has no tension anymore.

I bought this ski (brand „Atomic“) after I have tested it for half a day. It was so great to ski that I told the guy who has rented it to me that I want to buy it immediately. It was already March and therefore late in the winter season and the man sold this used pair of skis for maybe 500 Swiss Franks to me.

I never had such a great ski before, it was a fun carver, a very short one, easy to turn. I can very well remember that I had difficulties to drive it at the beginning. Driving this skies was a challenge until now.

Yesterday there was a ski testing event from a local company which produces handcrafted skies with the new brand „Einsiedler“. As I am living in Einsiedeln have reason enough to test this skies. Testing was in the near skiing area just 5 minutes away. I tested 6 different models and at the end decided to buy the one which is almost the same as my old „Atomic“ model.

While testing I used sometimes my old one to see the difference and what I saw and felt, that my old one was really old and its time to throw it away. I will have plenty of fun with the new skies.

Better Angles

Better Angles

Everybody thinks that violence increases over time. When you see all the bad news spread through media, you must have the impression that this is obvious.

The more impressed I was by realizing that this is not the truth. Steven Pinker gives an overview about live from the first human beings over ancient folks, middle age humanism until modern live.

Live has become less and less violent as he proofs with a lot of charts and statistics. Live has become less violent not only in terms of wars between states and groups but also in all different aspects of human being.

This improvement went on in several main steps, big leaps forward. One was humanism when people realized that deadly punishment, torture and so on is bad and stopped ugly things like slavery, torture and so on.

A second big step happened in the last 10 to 20 years when we saw increased rights for women, children, suppressed folks, outsiders and many others.

Last week you could read in the newspaper, that New York celebrated the first day in its existence without a homicide. This was another proof that live is becoming less and less violent.

Its unbelievable but its the truth. World is becoming more and more livable for all people. The „good old days“ are a myth.

Human rights charter

Human rights charter

This document is something which should be posted in each class room.

Think people in western world are not aware of the fact, that we not always had such a free and good live and that our rights are built on thoughts of people. People who are continuously trying to improve human live.

Some people think the standards of the so called „western“ live are build on catholic values. But that is totally wrong. The human rights we have today are build on humanism and modern people who have a modern view about man and world.

Think this 30 article of the „Universal Declaration of Human Rights“ are the modern „10 commandments“. But with the difference that they are not commandments but rights.

I have posted them onto the wall of our kids room. When they are old enough to read the articles, they will ask, what it means.