Happy Work

I was watching some videos from Jill Geisler which I have downloaded from iTunes U and was so fascinated by the videos that I listened to all of them within a couple of days. Finally I ordered the book from Jill Geisler which was not yet published.

And two weeks ago, I was surprised to get an email from Amazon that they have sent the book. I just did not remember the name Jill Geisler. But now I remember well. This is a very impressive book, easy to read with very usable hints and tips about team leading.

I will put the book after I have finished reading it into our shelf in the office so that my team members can see it and even read it if they want. I already started practicing some of the facts I have read about. Jill Geisler was working for news TV station and now is teaching at Poynter institute.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

I saw an article about Sal Khan a couple of weeks ago in Times magazine. I think it was the version where they portrayed the most influential people of the year 2011. On of the persons of 2011 was Sal Khan, the founder of an online academy. I was interested and had a look at the web site and was immediately impressed.

Now I am watching more and more videos. I am especially interested into the topic economy where Sal explains a lot about the current problems of US economy. But I also already watched videos about biology, maths and history.

The videos are about 10 minutes and Sal is able to explain things so easy that everybody should be able to follow him. I even able to follow him though its all English.

The most impressive videos so far were about evolution, bankruptcy, US elections and so on. Very impressive!

Saentis Classic

Saentis Classic

This is a bike tournament where you start in different groups of about 20 to 20 people depending on your personal speed. I started in „sports“ group but was not really sure if I am able to follow. So I expected a quite hard fight and was prepared to have to give up and finish in the next slower group or find my way to the finish alone.

The frist 50 kilometers go constantly up to the mountains. Its not really hard, you just have to follow the group to be in the wind shadow. I was able to follow and the rest after 50 kilometers was quite acceptable. From then it goes quite steep up to the mountains, 12 kilometers almost only in the lowest gear. This part was free speed, so everybody could go his own tempo.

On top there was a snake station and a rest of about 20 minutes. And then it went straight down. On top we had approximately half of the whole route (130 kilometers). And the following 2 hours were mostly going down. As long as you were able to stay in the group everything was ok. But when we had to pass a short up a hill, I really had to fight, to be able to follow. Legs were hurting badly then and it was not going better until finally we finished.

It was a wonderful day! I will come back next year to the Säntis-Classic.

Ironman Rapperswil-Jona

Ironman Rapperswil-Jona

This year it was the first time that I participated at this event. Rapperswil-Jona is just 15 kilometers away from my home. I pass it every day on may way to the office. It is a very nice city at lake Zürich with a port for small ships and a lot of nice restaurants just near the lake. In summer you feel like being somewhere in Italy when you sit in one of the Restaurants at the lake.

At the triathlon we were there employees from our company and I took over the biking part. It was great. I had to do 90 kilometers, 2 turns and were not bad. I were able to overtake approximately 50 bikers and I was not overtaken by one. That was real fun.

I always dreamed of once doing triathlon but had not the time to train swimming. Therefore it was pretty luck that we did it as a team. The distances were 1.9 kilometers of swimming. Ugly! When you were looking from the start to out over the lake to the point where they had to swim to, it was unbelievable so far away seemed it.