Luzern Marathon 2008

Lucerne Marathon
Lucerne Marathon

This was my first marathon. We had the idea this spring, when we finished another race in Bern. We decided to train the whole summer and increase distance 10 kilometers per month.

It was not as hard as expected. The problem for us was, that the wider you go the longer you go and beginning with 30 kilometers, you need quite long for the trainging (in our case about 3 hours). And then there comes a time, when you dont want to run any longer.

But yesterday we did the marathon in Luzern. It was a beautiful race, lot of people and music, nice wether, not to cold and not to hot. I were able to go quite fast until kilometer 28. But there I ran into the “wall” as it is called.

My paces became smaller and smaller. I had to stop from time to time to make some streching. But at least I were able to finish my first marathon.

Though there were thousends of participants faster than I, am proud about my performance and I will try to make marathon also the next year. But I should train a litte more …