Sihlseelauf 2008

Sihlseelauf 2008

This years race was on the old route, about 15 kilometers. This year, we were better than last year. I were able to go 20 seconds per minute faster than last year. Last year I had big problems where the route goes up for a few hundret meters, but this year there were no such problems.

The race was a fun allover. In my opinion you just must not go to fast. You must be able to have a smile on your face when you go throught the finish line. Its just a race. Running keeps you healthy and such races give you a simple but effective target for your training sessions.

This year my older little taughter of about 4 and a half year also startet in the category VAKI (father and child). The childs have to go for one kilometer together with an adult. She gave me her hand all the way and I had to pull her most part of the way. But she had a lot of fun and afterwards wanted to accompany me on the long distance.

Never wrestle with a pig

I saw this book on a visit in New York, read some pages and shortly decided to buy and read it back at home. Was a good descision because I realy enjoyed reading this book.

Have you ever seen the film “Jerry Maguire – play of the live” with Tom Cruise. The book reminds me of this film and there is a link because the author of the book is also mentioned in the film.

The author Mark H. McCormack owns a company which manages sports people and he describes his insightes into business he has gained over the years.