Did you know that Martin Luther did not went to monestary and became a priest because he was almost thunderstruck. Our teacher used this funny explanation in school and I was deeply impressed by it when I was a boy.

Much more later I read a book about important historical persons. This book contained an excerpt about the “Luthers Tischreden”, a script of speeches he made during daily dinners. One of the students living in Luthers house wrote down the speeches. And there you can read the explanation of Luther himself!

Why he went to menestary in Luthers words: “My parents were so grim in education that I fleed in the arms of the priests. One day I was beaten almost to blood becaus of some stolen cherries!”

It was all a matter of education, something psychological. It had nothing to do with luck or god.

Grand Prix of Bern

This was my first attendance to the GP of Bern. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and we got there with train. This run is marvelous! Lot of the passage goes throught the city with a lot of people cheering for you and there are a lot of bands making music around the line.

I had a quit good personal running time with an average of 5 minutes per kilometer. Of course, the winner needs only half the time. But for me it was good. This will be part of my sportive year from now on. I will be there next May.

I were able to track my running conditions with my new gps device. Luckily there is a new software for the Garmin Forerunner which allows to see different categories of the track in a map or a satellite plan. Nice software!