Sailing with my Helbling 485

Meanwhiles I am better in sailing. Last year I turned my dinghy over at least 7 times. Sometimes it was quite hard to turn it back again.

But after a lot of training in the new year, I am quite happy with my expertise. I am going with the boat always alone and since a couple of weeks I am able to use he trapeze.

Yesterday we tried out the catamaran of my friend he had bought this spring. It was great fun. I also have a Europe winner now gotten for free. We had to repair it, but now it is wonderful to sail.

In fact we have tree boats to use now, my Helbling 485 from the foto, the small Europe Winner an the catamaran.

Today another friend joined us on the catamaran. I used my Helbling 485. Was just fun though there was no sun and after an hour or so, it started to rain.

David Flury

David Flury

I had already seen some paintings of David Flury, a local painter in the internet and thought: „Wow this guy knows his profession!“ One evening I was searching for local exhibitions in Einsiedeln and found an article about an opening the same day with David Flury in the Chärnehus.

I just called my friend and we went there, to see the paintings of this guy. We were late and therefore almost the last guests. So we were inspecting all the paintings and afterwards started a small talk with the painter.

It ended with having several beers with Dave and a nice discussion with him and his wife. Was a very nice evening.

Sihlpark Wellness

Sihlpark Wellness

Since 2 months I have a ticket for the fitness studio again. I had one more than ten years and had been in the studio nearly twice a week. But suddenly, approximately 2 years ago I had enough. Now, I am back together with two friends. This time in a local studio just 10 minutes away by car: in the near hotel Ramada.

There is a wellness park in this new hotel. It contains a sauna, fitness studio, a hamam area and a small pool outside with salt water. It’s great. I really enjoy the pool with the salt water.

Normally I go to the studio twice a week early in the morning, on my way to the office and most of the time my friend is also there. And then I do a lesson on the weekend, either in the late morning or in the late afternoon, mostly again together with a friend. In the morning I have no time to enjoy the pool, but at the weekend or when being there in the night, we always take a short bath in the pool.

I always feel like being on holiday. The studio it very new, the fitness area has more than 1000 qm and there are not too many people. Really really relaxing.

Helbling 485

Helbling 485

A friend an me, we decided this summer to join the local sailing club and to start sailing.

The lake with the sailing club area is just 1.5 kilometers from our flat, and I always wished to have my own boat. So, was just a question of time to start with this hobby.

And here is my boat. I bought it from a couple from the club who doesn’t need it anymore. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a Helbling 485!

Next spring, as soon as there is enough water in the lake, I will do my first turn.

Normally I am not the guy who is buying a sports device before he is sure to practise the sport. But this time, it will be different. But I’m sure, this will become a lovely hobby.



Starting from Einsiedeln there are a lot of mountain bike tours. You can go into all directions. But one of the most beautiful ones is if you go to the hill which is between Einsiedeln and lake Zürich.

From there you have a extraordinary view over the whole lake, back to Einsiedeln and the mountains and you can even see Zürich itself which is about 30 kilometres away.

Once a year there is a big mountain bike race called „Iron bike“ which starts and ends in Einsiedeln. The tour goes up and down over several mountains in total more than 2300 meters of altitude. The first up is this hill with the lake Zürich on your left.

But while participating at the race you barely have the time to enjoy the view, so better to make the tour on a sunny sunday morning.



This year winter started perfectly. There was already enough snow beginning of December so that it was possible to do cross country skating in Einsiedeln.

But after Christmas the weather suddenly became so warm that most of the snow was gone within a couple of days: no skiing anymore.

I took the opportunity and used my snow shoes I had bought a couple of years ago and rarely used to walk onto this hill called Spital in the back of Einsiedeln.

The hill or mountain is not hight, barely above timberline and you can start walking in the village. I took a photo from top of the hill. In the background there is lake Sihlsee.

The name of the hill is funny because Spital means in German hospital and you can see the hospital of Einsiedeln from over there.

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing

This year, on 1st of December there was already enough snow in Einsiedeln so that it was possible to open the cross country skiing slope. I started immediately with the winter training. The weather was sunny and the slope very well prepared.

This morning I started very early, at 8 am and sun was just raising when I was already behind lake Sihlsee. I stopped and quickly did a photo of the beautiful panorama with the lake and the mountains in the background.

Einsiedeln vom Hundwileren

Einsiedeln vom Hundwileren

Like almost every year, there was snow in October. But this year the snow was not only in the mountains but going down to Einsiedeln. It was on 10th of October and Einsiedeln was covered with a white layer of snow. Just for half a day or so, but it was white.

I did almost 500 km on my MTB, so time to make the last ride on it and finish the season for this year. I had a lot of fun on my new MTB and did one last time a route on the hill on the west side of the village. On top there were still the last remainings of the snow from a couple of days ago.

Its a great view from over there where you can see the whole village and the lake and the mountains in the back.