Mandelbrot Excel

Mandelbrot Excel

I had my best time until now. This was the fourth Engadiner ski marathon I did. The race was very fast this year and it was quite easy. I was not exhausted like in other years. Only the very last kilometer at the end was hard.

I am still in group „Allgemein A“ which is not bad but would like to get once fast enough to start in the „Elite“ group. But this maybe will never happen.

The whole event is really funny. We have to start at 3 am in the morning and go by car to Landquart from where we take a 2 hours train to St. Moritz and from there its another ride on a bus of about 20 minutes.

This lets us arrive in Maloja just before 7:00 where we put our skis to the start to be in one of the front lines when the race begins. We booked breakfast in „Maloja Palace“ which is the very best option for waiting until the race starts at 8:50.

This year I did more skating than before and the marathon in Einsiedeln was a very good preparation. The marathon in Einsiedeln is much harder and I was at my very end in the finish.

Sport 2012

Sport 2012

This was my sports year 2012. I started writing down my sports activities last year and it is a little surprise, that I did such a lot this year.

But without any question I did more than in previous years. Reason might be that my kids are older and I have more time. Reason could be that I did more different types of sport this year. I also started triathlon and you have to practice more for all three disciples. Reason could also be that I started writing down my activities.

Approximately 6 weeks ago I found out that there is the possibility to do 2000 kilometers in all different categories together. And this was of course another reason which motivated me enormous.

I saw that there are only 70 kilometers missing on racing bike and managed to finish the missing 70 kilometers one sunny November Sunday. Same with biking and in December with skating.

And whats about next year. Next year I have to do more than! Thats for sure. My target is again 1000 kilometers racing bike, 500 kilometer skating, 250 mountain bike but more running. I will try to run also 250 kilometers. Thats my target for next year. And of course all the nice races I have already participated this year.

I already started today with 2 kilometers of crawling in the renovated indoor swimming pool in Unteriberg.

Einsiedler Ski

Einsiedler Ski

This will be my new ski. My old one is already almost 15 years old and has no tension anymore.

I bought this ski (brand „Atomic“) after I have tested it for half a day. It was so great to ski that I told the guy who has rented it to me that I want to buy it immediately. It was already March and therefore late in the winter season and the man sold this used pair of skis for maybe 500 Swiss Franks to me.

I never had such a great ski before, it was a fun carver, a very short one, easy to turn. I can very well remember that I had difficulties to drive it at the beginning. Driving this skies was a challenge until now.

Yesterday there was a ski testing event from a local company which produces handcrafted skies with the new brand „Einsiedler“. As I am living in Einsiedeln have reason enough to test this skies. Testing was in the near skiing area just 5 minutes away. I tested 6 different models and at the end decided to buy the one which is almost the same as my old „Atomic“ model.

While testing I used sometimes my old one to see the difference and what I saw and felt, that my old one was really old and its time to throw it away. I will have plenty of fun with the new skies.



We have planned to do Pragel Pass with the bike since 2 years. But every summer there was either not enough time or we were not fit enough. But last Sunday it was ok. I had the time, the weather was pretty and I felt that I could do it.

I started early in the morning, was a bit cold but came forward very fast. After 2 hours I was at Klöntalersee and thought that the rest would be easy.

But no, needed another hour to reach the top of the pass and had to stop from time to time because I was totally exhausted.

Going down the other side is very funny. It is one of the steepest streets I have ever driven upon. And I took me another hour until I was down in Schwyz.

From there it is another 25 kilometers back to Einsiedeln, and that’s it. This is a tour you can only do after you have already a couple of miles in your bones. I was at home exactly 2 and a half hour after my start.

Iron bike 2012

Iron bike 2012

This year I was not sure if will be able to do the 77 kilometers. I had not done the tour before this year and did not a lot of kilometers on the bike. Just had the o-tour as kind of training race.

Saturday it was raining heavily almost the whole day. Luckily the race is always on Sunday and Sunday morning sun was shining in Einsiedeln. This means that all the roads upwards were dry but downhills mostly wet or very wet.

This year I enjoyed the race the most since I participate for several reasons: it was nice weather, downhills was wet and I had enough power this year.

And there was something else: this year I had to start in the very last group and there the field is not so crowded. So you do not have to fear constantly that somebody is coming from your back and over turning you downhills. Was much fun!



First time this year that I participated at this race. It is even the first bike race except of Iron-Bike in Einsiedeln I did. My neighbor convinced me to go to the race.

We had to start early in the morning, about 6:00 am and I had no time to have breakfast. So I eat two Gipferli and drunk a Red Bull before the start in Alpnach and thats it.

The race is very exhausting. After 100 meters, it starts going up and goes up and up for maybe almost 2 hours. And downhills you have to be very concentrated. I was not too bad.

Was completely exhausted after 3 hours because I started to fast, but at the end I had not such a bad time. And in addition it was a good training for the Iron-Bike which is longer and has more altitude to go.

Uster Triathlon

Uster Triathlon

I started with triathlon when I did the half Ironman in Rapperswil-Jona this year together with 2 colleges from the company. I was surprised by the fun you have

with this sport and as I am feeling very well in water and liked swimming since I was a boy it seemed to be clear that I try this sport.

A couple of weeks ago we started at Sempach where I did the short distance but from then my target was to do the olympic distance at least once this year.

I did a lot of swimming training in the local bath in Rüti where you get from the office in only a couple of minutes. I manage to train once per week and was finally able to do 2000 meters crawl without getting really tired.

This Sunday I started in Uster for the olympic distance after I did a last test on Monday. But when I saw the distance you have to swim, I was afraid that I would not be able to do it, so far away seemed it. The start of 250 men at the same time is a big confusion because you not enough place but after some meters it gets better.

Now here I am the finisher of my first triathlon and I was much faster than targeted. I had 2 hours and 50 minutes and only 31 minutes for swimming. This is an acceptable time for me. I will do some more training on my technic for crawl, but I think there is not a lot to improve. I am proud and happy.

Swiss Alpine

Swiss Alpine

This was also the first time I participated at this race. Its also great fun. I stood up at 4 am in the morning and went by car to Davos. You need 2 hours from Einsiedeln and I had not ticket yet, so I tried to be there early enough. Start was at 7  am in the morning.

All went ok, but when it was time to start I realized that I had forgotten my chip. I immediately went back to my car which was not so far away to put the chip on. But when I came back to the start, all participants were gone and I did not know, into which direction. I just missed them all.

First I tried one direction, but nobody there, then I went into the other direction and finally managed to get them by seeing them coming back from a turnaround. I had two options: go back and try to find the route or cheat a bit and enter the mass from where I was. I decided to do the second one. Nobody claimed and I was not there to win the race.

Big race, very beautiful route. Quite up and down and at the end I was totally exhausted and my legs burned. I had to stop and walk, try again to run, walk again but at the end I finished. Next year, I know it better and will do it correctly. Davos is very nice. Have never been there before.